How to tag company in Linkedin post?

Nilan SahaMarch 7, 2024

On LinkedIn you have the feature to tag a person or a company to attribute something to them or just mention them. It can be really well for engagement because then followers of that company are more likely to see that post too. It is especially great for B2B brands for wider reach.

Tagging a company really requires a few extra steps -

  • Start with @ and then mention the companies name
  • As you type out the company name LinkedIn will show you a popup of all the companies that match the name and you have to just go ahead and select the one you are referring to
  • LinkedIn will then autocomplete the company name and you can just go ahead and publish the post like you would normally.

It is that easy.

Why should you tag companies?

You can tag companies for a variety of reasons. Some of them are listed below

  • To thank them for something
  • You want to reach a wider set of audience
  • Increase engagement with the company

Tagging companies can also be a great way to generate inbound leads where you want to make that company or similar ones aware of a service and product you are offering.

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