What is the Linkedin weekly invitation limit?

Nilan SahaMarch 12, 2024

What are LinkedIn invitations?

LinkedIn invitations are how you make connections on LinkedIn. When one member of LinkedIn sends another member an invitation and the person accepts the invitation they are connected to each other. If a user tries to send an invitation to a person who isn't on LinkedIn yet, then they are asked to join LinkedIn in order to accept the invitation. Invitations are how one goes about increasing their network in LinkedIn.

What is the weekly limit?

The weekly invitation limit on LinkedIn right now is 200 invites per week. Previously, that limit used to be 700 invites per week but it has been reduced to combat spam.

So, if you see an error message saying "You've reached the weekly invitation limit, it is because you have crossed the threshold of 200 invites for that week.

It is important to note that withdrawing invitations will not remove the restriction. You wil be able to send invitations again within one week.

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